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About Uzbekistan –

Uzbekistan, officially the Republic of Uzbekistan, is a former Soviet republic that is twice the size of Central Asia. A sovereign state is a secular, unitary constitutional republic consisting of 12 provinces, one independent republic and one capital. Uzbekistan is bordered by 5 countries: Kazakhstan to the north; Northeast of Kyrgyzstan; Southeastern Tajikistan; Afghanistan to the south; And Turkmenistan to the southwest. With Liechtenstein, it is one of only two countries in the world to land twice.

About Uzbekistan Culture –

The ethnic groups and cultures of Uzbekistan are largely mixed and the Uzbek people are the majority. In 1995, Uzbekistan was 71% of the population of Uzbekistan. The major minority groups were Russians 8%, Tajiks 3–4%, Kazakhs 4%, Tatar 2.5% and Karapax 2%. However, with the return of the Russians and other minority groups slowly and Uzbekistan returning from other parts of the former Soviet Union, the number of non-Uzbek people living in Uzbekistan is reportedly declining. Embroidery from Uzbekistan When Uzbekistan gained independence in 1991, there were concerns that Muslim fundamentalism would spread throughout the region. The expectation was that a country that had long been denying freedom of religious rituals would undergo rapid growth of its dominant faith. By 1994, more than half of Uzbekistan’s population was said to be Muslim, but in an official survey, few knew the truth of religion or how to practice it. However, Islamic celebrations are increasing in the region.

Most Popular Locations in Uzbekistan –

Uzbekistan is an attractive country in Central Asia and famous for the cities of Samarkand and Bukhara. It is twice the size of the UK and has a rich cultural heritage and a long history steeped in tradition. You will not be surprised to learn that there are four significant UNESCO World Heritage Sites and six UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Another thirty are on the temporary wings list. With a rich list of important places to visit, things to do, and different sightseeing tours, we’ve listed you with the best places in Uzbekistan.

Weather in Uzbekistan –

Uzbekistan has an extreme continental climate. It is generally the warmest in the south and coldest in the north. December temperatures are generally at -8 and C in the north and 0 ° C. In the south, however, extreme fluctuations can be as low as -35 as C. Temperatures can reach 45 ° C and above during the summer. Low humidity. Spring (April to June) and Fall (September to October) are usually the most pleasant times to visit. It is harvest time in the fall and the markets are full of fresh fruit. If you like climbing, summer (July and August) is the best time, because summer is almost dry. In recent years, Uzbekistan has been particularly affected by global warming and the drying of the Aral Sea, and the snowy cold winters have been softened by less rainfall, allowing them to travel in cold snow. Below is the average temperature in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan